Bulb-shaped hang tag safety pin

That the must-have little thing to connect hang tags and your products is safety pin. There’s 2 typical kinds of safety pins, which are regular-shaped and pear-shaped. Pear-shaped safety pin is also named bulb-shaped pin or bulb pin. They work perfectly well to garments and accessories. Without a doubt, pear-shaped safety pin already has taken the place of regular safety pin in fashion industry. Not only they make your tags look professional, but also decorative. The great thing we can do for our customers is not just because the pins are of the great quality, but also providing you a variety of different color options so as to completely meet to your unique requirements.

Bulb-shaped Hang Tag Safety Pin
( standard quality)

to look for higher quality and more color options, please go to

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to look for higher quality and more color options, please go to

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4 Responses to Bulb-shaped hang tag safety pin

  1. Robyn says:

    I am interested in getting some samples of the Antique Brass HTSP-P1 Pear shaped safety pins. We have a client who wants to see these before they order for their department store. Can you send me about 100 of these? Please contact me and let me know what the cost would be for this amount. Thank you!
    Imagine Print Solutions

  2. paul hartley says:

    Hi …Im looking for a supply of black per-shapedswing tag pins.

    Can you advise your quantity and price breaks and potential lead-time.

    Many Thanks

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