Sew-on spring snap button fastener

Snap closures are a wonderful alternative to buttons or zippers, especially in garments that need to be put on and taken off easily. Fasteners sometimes also have a decorative purpose and help to convey a certain style. A carefully chosen fastener not only fulfills its task of fastening, but also stays hidden, and thus contributes to the overall look of the clothes.
Easy installation is one of the strong reasons people apply the sew-on spring snap button. It is one kind of snap fasteners that only requires needle and thread to sew on. It can be used for a variety of clothes, bags and fashion accessories.
The sew-on fasteners we supply are of high quality, brass-made, eco-friendly, nickel free and lead free, consistent with the European’s environmental standards.
sew-on snaps sew on snaps sew-on snap buttonsew-on fasteners
Plastic sew-on snaps are light, easy to fasten and open, so they are commonly used on children’s or elderly people’s clothing, Barbie, Blythe, dolls clothes and cloth diapers. They are also suitable for fashion garments, quilt covers, duvets and soft furnishings and so on.
The plastic sew-on snaps we supply are durable. Comparing with the metal one, plastic sew-on snaps are rust proof, washable and dry cleanable with no scratch. Especially for people who have allergies to common metals should avoid metal snaps that consists of nickel. There are 2 color options available – Black and Semi-transparent. They also can be dyed to match your products.
The following links are the steps of how to use sew-on snaps:

plastic sew-on snaps

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  1. Shtrein Elena says:

    I’m interested sew on snap buttons. Article: SSS-AA46 – sizes 18/20/22 col NI, dark NI. GO, AM; article RSS-AA46 – sizes 17/21 col col NI, dark NI, GO, AM; article RSS-CA77 size 21 col NI. Please inform the minimum quantity for art/size/color and the price. Do you have the color card for metal items?
    best regards

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