Universal refitted KAM hand press fastener setting tool

The hand press we supply is the model DK 98(Heavy Duty) that is refitted by us with the adjustment pieces. With the adjustment pieces we designed, the hand press can be universal. It can be applied for any types of fasteners(e.g. tack buttons, rivets, snap buttons, eyelets etc.). You can directly use the die sets we supply that are actually for factory use with their semi-auto kick press machines. For example, if you use the die sets to do the salesman samples with the hand press by yourself, and later if you need to place an order to a clothing factory to start bulk production, the factory can also use your die sets. It’s because our refitment is based on a standard kick press machine that most factories use. This is how we help your customers to save their money.
But we know that the freight isn’t cheap if you order a hand press from us, it’s because the press is too heavy(about 9.6kg when it’s packed). To lower the cost on freight, we recommend you to purchase the KAM DK-98 in your country if possible and let us supply you the adjustment pieces. Then that the cost should be much lower.
Generally there 4 ways to attach rivets/tack buttons to different users:
1. A hammer with no speical tool. (for diyers only) (<- only for a few cases)
2. Rivet setter and anvil. (for diyers, sample makers only) (<- we don’t supply these tools)
3. Hand press. (for professional diyers, sample makers, professionals, small factories) (<- we supply this tool)
4. Motor kick press machine. (factories use) (<- at present we don’t supply these machines)
These are also some reasons for choosing the KAM DK 98 hand press machine:
– Affordable machine.
– Simple to use. Even amateur users can operate this machine easily with little training.
– User-friendly design. Small, practical and easy to handle. It can also be set up firmly on your working table.
– It can be universal with the adjustment pieces we supply.
– Durable machine. It could last for years.
– No special maintenance is needed.
– Robust construction and high strength.
– Corrosion resistance.

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    How can I purchase these adjustment pieces?

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