Jeans rivets

These tiny discreet round metals on jean’s corner pocket may look randomly attached but they’re not buttons, these are called rivets. And its function is not to snap, but to bolster an area in the jeans primarily those which can easily wear and tear. Jeans rivets are commonly used as a method of pocket reinforcement for jeans or heavy trousers, also as a means of decoration on a garment. Tracing back to the late 19th century, gold diggers started to complain their Jeans were not strong enough for the front pockets. Due to the heavy and rough mineral samples that they put them into the pockets quite often, it destroyed the thread of the trouser pockets. In this case, the gold diggers couldn’t hold more gold in their pockets. Realizing this circumstance, a tailor from Nevada called Jacob W. Davis had a concept of how to reinforce jeans pockets with copper rivets. He approached Levi Strauss and worked with Levi’s company, ”Improvements in fastening pocket openings” rapidly spread in the world and applied to jeans. The first rivet – jeans nipple rivet placed at stress points to prevent tearing. This is how the first rivet came out and became one of important element in jeans.
As a classic style of jeans, rivets can’t be missing. Nipple rivets in antique color are the best choice for your vintage jeans. If you want to make punk style of jeans, additional capped rivets or punk style rivets would be suggested. We believe you can find the matched one for your jeans here at dot-gas. We are not only providing you classic rivets for your jeans, but more options as decoration for your garment.
custom jeans rivet Fashion classes at accredited online colleges should be able to give you tips on where to buy the cheapest and most stylish metal accessories perfect for your jeans and casual shirts.

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