A memorable blog post just found on WGSN insider in 2011!

Dot-Gas Trims Blog

Jun 07, 2011
By Samuel Trotman
Original Link: https://www.wgsn.com/blogs/dot-gas-trims-blog/

We all know how important hardware is to the aesthetic of a jean, and yesterday the Forecast team stumbled upon this blog by Chinese trims sourcer and supplier, Dot-Gas.

The company realized that a quick and effective way of displaying what they have in stock is to start a blog, and this is also a great resource for denim designers out there looking for inspiration. We’ve picked out some of our favorite items, including the transparent plastic shanks and about a million different rivet shapes. For more images, check out the blog and their website.

About dot-gas

Dot-gas.com is a very special garment trims & accessories turnkey solution provider. We are international, professional, reliable, innovative and resourceful; A great source of high-quality garment accessories & trimming to meet the needs of large and small companies in fashion industries; An essential link in the supply chain of jeans wear and casual wear, adding value with efficient and cost-effective service as well as solutions for our customers and partners.
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