Custom Metal Buckles, Adjustable Buckles, Belt Loops, Belt Buckles, Rings, Slides, Dees


Wide range custom adjustable buckles, slides, Dees, clasps, loop-rings, belt loops, snaps, solid brass hardware, centre bar belt buckles, safety belt buckles, etc. which are exclusively made from high-grade materials are durable and reliable for guaranteed heavy-duty. We offer a complete range of materials for our buckles including solid brass, stainless steel, steel iron and zinc. These are rigorously calculated for precision and dimensional accuracy.
For embellishment, we do any specifications clients necessitate for their products. Since we have workshops designated for configurations, we can do any designs and plating; rubberized, spray printed; antiques, silver, gold; glossy, matte; engraved or embossed, you name it and it can be done for a more customised hardware of your bag strap, belt buckles and other garments. Buckles have corresponding tips that can also be labelled or printed to a brand.

About dot-gas is a very special garment trims & accessories turnkey solution provider. We are international, professional, reliable, innovative and resourceful; A great source of high-quality garment accessories & trimming to meet the needs of large and small companies in fashion industries; An essential link in the supply chain of jeans wear and casual wear, adding value with efficient and cost-effective service as well as solutions for our customers and partners.
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