Aluminum tacks for jeans buttons and rivets

When you apply tack buttons or rivets to garments or jeans, choosing suitable tacks is always important. A wrong choice of tacks may cause a big problem such as deformation or not fastened, therefore, to carefully choose appropriate tacks must be based on different buttons or rivets you choose, different fabrics as well as different thickness or layers of the fabric.
In terms of style, we can separate tacks into 4 typical kinds:
↓ Pointed Aluminum Tack – This could be applied to single prong tack button, swivel tack buttons and rivets. Different length is available for different thickness of material.

pointed aluminum tack

↓ Lance Aluminum Tack – This is the most common one for non-swivel donut tack buttons.

lance aluminum tack

↓ Screw Aluminum Tack – This is designed for plastic inserted tack button only. The screw is perfect to work with the plastic together firmly.

screw aluminum tack

↓ Capped Aluminum Tack – This is designed for getting a customized pattern or logo. Any kinds of tacks can be capped. This could be applied to both tack buttons and rivets.

capped aluminum tack

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  1. Suzanne Ross says:

    We are interested in purchasing 1,000 pcs. of your aluminum screw tack for jeans.
    Please email me back with unit pricing & shipping cost to Centereach NY USA with ETA.
    Thank you.
    Suzanne Ross
    Sensible Sisters Inc.

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