Pre-cut, pre-knotted jute twine cord string

pre-tied_jute_stringJute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is one of the most versatile natural fibres that have been used very often in raw materials for packaging, textiles, non-textile, construction, and agricultural sectors.
Nowadays you can easily find jute strings everywhere. It’s become very popular using the hang tags on vintage jeans, denim wear, casual wear, fashion accessories, bags, belts, antiques, home accessories, furniture, crafting, gift wrapping, product packaging, embellishments and even more commodities. The jute twines we supply are high quality, natural, unpolished, bio-degradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. It’s such an excellent choice for hang tags in any fields.

pre-cut_jute_cord_pre-cut_jute_stringjute twine stringpre-tied_jute_twinejute cordpre-knotted_jute_string

About dot-gas is a very special garment trims & accessories turnkey solution provider. We are international, professional, reliable, innovative and resourceful; A great source of high-quality garment accessories & trimming to meet the needs of large and small companies in fashion industries; An essential link in the supply chain of jeans wear and casual wear, adding value with efficient and cost-effective service as well as solutions for our customers and partners.
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5 Responses to Pre-cut, pre-knotted jute twine cord string

  1. Dan Rooney says:

    I sent a request for comment or RFQ last week – I need specifics on the pre-cut jute cord cut in @ 8″ or 20-21 cm lengths. Quantity to vary between 20,000 minimum and 60,000 maximum.

    Location and time to delivery helpful. Who might be the US distributor be?

    Regards, Dan Rooney

  2. Darren Brown says:


    I am trying to source a pre-cut twine, jute or similar 3 or 4 ply , the length needs to be approx 7″ or 8″ and I would prefer it to be tied as in the image between finger and thumb on the third image down the item would be used for hanging wooden signs and the quantities would be 100,000 at a time, is it possible that you could supply a product to us of this nature.

    I very much look forward to your reply .
    Kindest regards

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