Plastic safety pin

plastic safety pinpear-shaped plastic safety pin

When talking about safety pins, people are mostly talking two kinds of safety pins – the regular safety pin and the pear-shaped safety pin. Because these two styles are the most popular and classic style in the world and widely used. We are providing these two styles in copper and plastic. The plastic safety pins we offer are very cute and eye-catching, which is perfectly matched kids wear and baby wear. Not only for the reasons of its lightweight, but also for the stronger reasons of its lovely impression in details for kids wears. There are totally 7 well-chosen colours – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Black and White which are considered all favourite colours for kids wear. Children’s eyes can only distinct bright colours such as primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and the secondary colours such as green and pink. These colours are interesting and draw children’s attention for longer. It’s said that while it may seem apparent that children prefer bright, bold colours over more subtle hues, research indicates that children’s eyes may not be adapted to see dull, dim colours very well or even at all. High contrast is also another way to attract children. It’s a very interesting and good way to put white safety pin goes with black clothing or black goes with white. And pink is for sure the most favourite colour for little girls according to the stereotype as known.
For these toddlers’ color preferences we have them all in stock, please do not hesitate to purchase all joyful and bright colors for your kids wears collections.

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