Nipple rivet for jeans, casual pants

RDNP6438Nipple Rivet is the first rivet in the world. It first appeared in Levi’s Jeans placed at stress point to prevent tearing. Since that, lots of famous brands followed, such as Ben Davis, Lee, Wrangler from America; Reply, Diesel, Pepe Jeans, G-Star from Europe; Denime, Edwin from Asia. Nipple rivets were suddenly booming and causing a sensation in the world. They are not only commonly used as a method of pocket reinforcement for jeans, corduroy trousers and twill pants, but also an ornamentation. Nipple rivet is actually ever-popular element on jeans and has become fashion trend until now. As one of the essential elements from the original jeans, nipple rivets can give you the strongest impression of the classic jeans wear.
Choosing nipple rivets from us, you can actually gain a list of benefits:
1. Nipple rivets are the lightest jeans hardware and they actually help to lower the shipping cost.
2. We provide full common size options from 6 mm to 9.5 mm. All sizes of nipple rivets from our factory are made from the same mould. With the professional upper die we supply, all sizes can be applied with the same die set. There is no necessity to spend more money on dies or change dies for other sizes. It’s quite convenient and cost efficient.
3. There are more than 6 special colours available for you to choose. And it goes with no MOQ required.
4. Custom orders always welcome. There are actually more than 30 colour options for you to choose. And you can leave it plain or add debossed or embossed letters.
5. Last but not the least, we ensure shortest lead-time and fastest delivery.


About dot-gas is a very special garment trims & accessories turnkey solution provider. We are international, professional, reliable, innovative and resourceful; A great source of high-quality garment accessories & trimming to meet the needs of large and small companies in fashion industries; An essential link in the supply chain of jeans wear and casual wear, adding value with efficient and cost-effective service as well as solutions for our customers and partners.
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