Garment metal prong snap fastener

brass_prong_snap_fastener metal_prong_snap_fastener prong_snap_fastener metal_prong_snaps

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Hollow copper tacks for jeans rivets

denim_rivet_tack hollow_jeans_tack jeans_rivet_tacks jeans_rivet_backer jeans_rivet_backing

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Eyelets with embossed flange

colored_eyeletsmall_eyelet antique_black_eyelet metal_eyelet fashionable_eyelet

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Metal eyelet for garments

Eyelet (also called grommet) we manufacture is made from the brass material which is targeted to applying to the fashion industry. Eyelets are used to reinforce holes in leather, cloth, canvas and other fabrics. Laces, ribbons or cords are threaded through the eyelets. The hole you make with a Hole Punch Plier is called the eyes, and you need a hand press machine or kick press machine to apply the grommets on fabric with the corresponding die sets we supply. For functionality, eyelets are basically used to strengthen holes. Most usually they are seen in shoes and hoodies. Eyelets can be also used for the drawstring waistbands and in bags or to lace up dress backs. More than that, eyelets sometimes are used purely decoratively for crafting or any fashion items. There are all common size options with us which are designed and made for garments, bags and accessories. In order to match up with everything you do, not only we have different styles for you, but also up to 32 selected plating colour options for your choices. We also do spray-painting for extending our colour options to customization.

nickel_eyelet brass_eyelet jeans_eyelet antique_eyeletgrommet_die_set silver_eyeleteyelet_die_set antique_black_eyelet antique_brass_eyeletgarment_eyelets

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Metal grommets

nickel_grommet metal_grommet

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Mesh net eyelet grommet

net_mesh_eyelet_grommetnet eyelet

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Suspender buckles & adjusters for jeans & trousers


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Invisible sew-in magnetic snaps

invisible sew-in magnetic snap buttonOur sew-in magnetic snaps are fabulous when you want a closure that is concealed! They are simply a pair of neodymium magnet that is enclosed inside a PVC plastic sleeve so they’re waterproof. The magnetic force is super strong so it is perfect to add these invisible closures to your sewing project especially apparel. They’re also great for all sorts of bags, totes, backpacks, jacket pockets, purses, and wallets.
Simplified installation with invisible results is one of the great things of the invisible sew-in magnetic snaps. Here is one of the real cases sharing with you about why we need sew-in magnetic snaps and how to install a sew-in magnetic snap invisibly!
Invisible sew-in magnetic snaps is such a good option when a non-visible closure is required, please feel free to contact us if any inquiries. We’re offering you 6 different sizes of high quality invisible sew-in magnetic snaps now.
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I want to die with my blue jeans on

“I want to die with my blue jeans on” – from <The Philosophy of Andy Warhol> you can see the position of jeans is extremely high. Everyone needs a pair of jeans, no matter you are in low life or in high society.


It is said that the first jeans were from Levi’s. The founder of Levi’s – Levi Strauss was one of them who was crazy for gold-rush in the middle of 19th century. However, he didn’t follow the crowd to make the first bucket of gold from gold digging in San Francisco but sold them durable denim trousers instead. The jeans became the token of overall at that time. The first jean Levi’s 501 came out, implying that denim realm began, which has 500 years of history. However, the jeans button made undeniable contributions for the great sensation of Jeans in the world. We can even consider that first denim cloth wasn’t the mark of jeans, the denim with the metal button made the first jeans.
When we mention jeans buttons, it relates to tack button, rivet, fly-button. Generally speaking, jeans buttons are more talking about the tack buttons, Whereas, the smaller size of tack buttons are actually the fly-buttons. Many people may not realise it, but button-fly jeans have been around for far longer than jeans that zip up. Button-fly jeans are still incredibly popular in spite of zippers are easier to use, quicker and less visible. I’ve sum up some reasons for it. One of the benefits of button-fly jeans may be durability. The five buttons that are traditionally used on these types of jeans are generally less likely to break or come apart than zippers might. People who wear jeans that button up also do not usually have to worry as much about their fly opening unexpectedly, which is a problem with zip jeans that many people find embarrassing. There’s the question of sex appeal. Zip flies only have one layer of fabric over them while fly-buttons require two—just enough volume to draw some seemingly unsolicited attention to your mid section. That said, two layers of fabric can also appear dishevelled and warp into funny, immutable bumps if not handled correctly. But at least with the fly-buttons, any attention paid to your crotch won’t involve someone politely reminding you to XYZ.
To take the comprehensive approach to the development of Jeans, the constantly prevalent styles are not many. How can your jeans stand in the spotlight among thousands of brands in today’s markets, besides the good quality of denim and wash-out jeans, the details decide merits and demerits of jeans? It includes tack buttons, rivets, fly-buttons, leather patches, care labels…etc. Nowadays, the metal buttons on jeans are not only functional but also a decoration and design to your jeans. Take “Tough”- famous brand from H.K. as an example, they are very good at using hardware on jeans to feature their concept on jeans, unique military style. But the usage and requirements of jeans buttons are the trauma for most Jeans companies. Because the material of jeans buttons, the properties of different kinds of materials, the oxidising degree of jeans buttons, the feeling for the appearance of jeans buttons after applying and so on are the profound knowledge for each. In a word, the easiest way to identify the jeans quality and attitude is checking the jeans buttons.
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Button stamping 钮扣冲压

| July 17, 2017 |
Written/Published by DOT-GAS

版权声明: 本文及图片属于DOT-GAS所有,不允许任何形式的转载 及 用于任何商业或非商业用途。
版权声明: 本文及图片属于DOT-GAS所有,不允许任何形式的转载 及 用于任何商业或非商业用途。
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Professional revolving hole punch plier

Need punching holes in your products for attaching rivets or snap buttons? To punch holes quickly, easily and accurately you need hole punch pliers.
The general tools revolving punch pliers have a convenient spring tension and are self-opening for punching various sizes of round holes in leather, textiles, plastic, cardboard, canvas and other fabric.
The WIGA hole punch pliers we supply are professional, durable and reliable protection against rust with opening spring and locking lever. It features an adjustable dial that allows you to change the diameter of the hole easily by switching between 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5mm holes. With six interchangeable punches, the hole punch creates nicely clean and neat holes without frayed edges, giving your designs a professional look. The rubberized handle provides comfort and easy gripping for reduced operator fatigue. This tool is commonly used in home, workshops and garment factories. Ideal for making the most common punch holes that apply for clothing and accessories.
The main advantages are:

(1) Frosted hand feel and rubber handle, perfectly fit the palm. And the grip is more comfortable, not easy to drop;
(2) Spring lock lever, save space after lock, convenient to go out to carry and receive, and help to protect the jaws;
(3) Handle hanging hole, easy to place, can be suspended at high altitude (especially if children are not easy to reach), also easy to find at the first time in use;
(4) Precision dial, each hole is marked with a clear and intuitive scale, easy to use and avoid making mistakes;
(5) Waste receiving, punching waste, when the jaw has received a space, can be used repeatedly after one-time cleaning, clean and efficient, coupled with the humanised quick discharge design, does not fear the lid off, very convenient.
(6) Patent design, which is in line with ergonomics. When conversion dimensions and punches holes, it’ll save more time and labour.

professional_hole_punch_plierWIGA Heavy Duty Revolving Punch Pliers

PATENT MODEL | Made in Taiwan
Convenient & Efficient
Ergonomics and Fewer Efforts Precision Tools
2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 /  3.5 /  4.0 /  4.5 mm Dia.
1. Punch holes into leather, textiles and plastic materials.
2. With six interchangeable punches 2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 mm Dia.
3. With open spring and locking lever.
4. Powder-coated and plated for reliable protection against rust.
5. Pliers punches: special tool steel, oil-hardened
6. Patent design.
7. The design meets the ergonomics and fewer efforts
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Button Assembly 金属钮扣的装配方式及其优势

| July 2, 2017 |
Written/Published by DOT-GAS

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版权声明: 本文及图片属于DOT-GAS所有,不允许任何形式的转载 及 用于任何商业或非商业用途。
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A memorable blog post just found on WGSN insider in 2011!

Dot-Gas Trims Blog

Jun 07, 2011
By Samuel Trotman
Original Link:

We all know how important hardware is to the aesthetic of a jean, and yesterday the Forecast team stumbled upon this blog by Chinese trims sourcer and supplier, Dot-Gas.

The company realized that a quick and effective way of displaying what they have in stock is to start a blog, and this is also a great resource for denim designers out there looking for inspiration. We’ve picked out some of our favorite items, including the transparent plastic shanks and about a million different rivet shapes. For more images, check out the blog and their website.

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Bullseye inverted nipple jeans rivet

oxidized_jeans_rivettin_copper_jeans_rivetlight_pewter_jeans_rivet brass_tin_jeans_rivet bull_eye_jeans_rivet dull_nickel_jeans_rivet

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Spray-painted jeans shank button

glossy_black_jeans_button glossy_white_jeans_button

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DOT-GAS showroom

All logos, brands and products names above are registered trademarks of their respective trademarks holders.
All products photos are for reference only.

custom_pearl_prong_snap_fastenercopper loop shank sewing button alloy cord end jeans rivet alloy shank button alloy plate chaindull gold dull brass gold brass shinny gold light goldcustom-made branded snap butotn capscustom_donut_hollow_copper_jeans_buttoncustom_die_cast_alloy_jeans_buttoncustom_alloy_zipper_pullercustom_metal_buckle_ringcustom_decorative_metal_plate
All logos, brands and products names above are registered trademarks of their respective trademarks holders.
All products photos are for reference only.
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Laurel wreath jeans shank button

Laurel – A Mediterranean evergreen tree (Laurus nobilis) having aromatic, simple leaves and small blackish berries. The Romans see it as wisdom, defence and the symbol of peace. A wreath of laurel conferred as a mark of honour in ancient times upon poets, heroes, and victors in athletic contests. The Laurel pattern stands for honour and glory won for great achievement.

laurel_wreath_jeans_button laurel_wreath_jean_button laurel_wreath_shank_buttonrusted_laurel_jeans_shank_buttonlaurel_shank_button20mm_jeans_shank_button

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Custom Metal Buckles, Adjustable Buckles, Belt Loops, Belt Buckles, Rings, Slides, Dees


Wide range custom adjustable buckles, slides, Dees, clasps, loop-rings, belt loops, snaps, solid brass hardware, centre bar belt buckles, safety belt buckles, etc. which are exclusively made from high-grade materials are durable and reliable for guaranteed heavy-duty. We offer a complete range of materials for our buckles including solid brass, stainless steel, steel iron and zinc. These are rigorously calculated for precision and dimensional accuracy.
For embellishment, we do any specifications clients necessitate for their products. Since we have workshops designated for configurations, we can do any designs and plating; rubberized, spray printed; antiques, silver, gold; glossy, matte; engraved or embossed, you name it and it can be done for a more customised hardware of your bag strap, belt buckles and other garments. Buckles have corresponding tips that can also be labelled or printed to a brand.
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Plastic seal tag, hang tag seal, garment tag fastener, string loop lock

plastic seal tagThe plastic seal tag, as one of the essential part in garments and accessories, is playing the role of the junction between hang tag and product. The pre-knotted hang tag strings which are made of cotton, hemp or other kinds of the composition are considered seal tags in old days. However, more and more people were dissatisfied with the limitation of this simple “seals”, they are not efficient enough. For example, when you apply the hang tag string, you may need a certain time to tie the knot firstly, plus, it’s not as easy as the seal tag to seal the hang tag and product together. Secondly, the hang tag strings could not meet more requirements for those who have strong desires to build up their brand. For instance, in order to promote your brand, you need to put your own trademark on the seals. Obviously, the hang tag string could not help. But along with the development of seal technology, people started to use aluminium and printing sheet stamping together. Due to this technology was not yet refined, the hook of seals accidentally destroyed the clothes. Until the plastic injection moulding process came out, many problems could be solved. Nowadays, more and more functional plastic seal tags are created with different designs.
Most of the plastic seal tags are made of PS (Polystyrene Resin) or ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic), Polyester or nylon for the strings.
In terms of usage, we can divide the seal tags into the permanent lock, non-reusable purpose and reusable lock. Permanent lock means the plastic seal tags can be used at one time. This is good for people to prove that the products are brand new, especially for online business or for those people who need to return the products, avoiding second-hand cases. Reusable lock plastic seal tags are usually for those products in handcraft shops. When the customers buy the decorations or small gifts, they don’t want the
In terms of style, they can be divided into universal style, epoxy style, bullet style, custom style.
In a completed set of hand tag, to choose a suitable and favourable seal tag is extremely important. It is not only standing for the brand culture popularisation but also playing a finishing touch on the role of clothing.
plastic seal tags
Applying plastic seal tags is absolutely the essential part in today’s fast retailing companies as well as fast-growing online shops. They are quite easy to use, efficient and cost-effective, no tying, no safety pins needed. Not just this, for people who have stronger desires to build up their brands, custom-made seal tags are perfect for that.
We divide our seal tag items into 3 kinds – permanent lock, non-reusable purpose and reusable lock. The permanent lock is the best solution for shops have terms or policy to their after-sale services, to prove that the products are not used that is considered good to return or refund. That’s also why nowadays e-retailers tend to use permanent seal tags more often to protect their products; But if you’re looking for seal tags that can be reusable to products you sell or good for environment, we also have many style options for you to choose; Being fast to attach hang tags or providing a better look is just what you need, we’re quite sure you will be surprised to our collection. We have a variety of styles with single side slots or double-sided slot, bullet type and even ones assembled with the most popular waxed cotton strings.
With the unique selling system, we never stop trying our best to supply the best plastic seal tags for all your products. Not only the items we provide are high quality, but also ready to sell. You can always make a purchase without meeting a large minimum order quantity.
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Pear-shaped hang tag safety pin

copper_pear_pinThat the must-have little thing to connect hang tags and your products is safety pin. There are 2 typical kinds of safety pins, which are regular-shaped and pear-shaped. The pear-shaped safety pin is also named bulb-shaped pin or bulb pin. They work perfectly well to garments and accessories. Without a doubt, pear-shaped safety pin already has taken the place of the regular safety pin in the fashion industry. Not only they make your tags look professional, but also decorative. The great thing we can do for our customers is not just because the pins are of the great quality, but also providing you with a variety of different colour options so as to completely meet your unique requirements.

Pear-shaped Safety Pin

( using thick wire, applying high standards,
providing more colour options, best for high-end products )

black pear shaped safety pin hang tag pear shaped safety pin gun metal pewter safety pin antique pear shaped safety pin light pewter pear shaped safety pin black safety pin

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High quality spring snap button for kids wear, wallets, purses & accessories

antique_black_snap_buttonantique_black_snapswallet snap buttonpurse snap button small snap buttonsmall spring snapssmall antique snap buttonsnap_button_setting_tool

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Regular-shaped safety pin

silver safety pinblack safety pinwhite safety pincolored safety pindark pewter safety pin

|Style| HTSP-R1 ( regular-shaped safety pin )
|Size| appr. 18×4.5mm
|Material| Brass
|Available Finishes/Colors| Nickel / Dark Pewter / Black / Brass (Gold) / Antique Brass / White …
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Aluminum tacks for jeans buttons and rivets

When you apply tack buttons or rivets to garments or jeans, choosing suitable tacks is always important. A wrong choice of tacks may cause a big problem such as deformation or not fastened, therefore, to carefully choose appropriate tacks must be based on different buttons or rivets you choose, different fabrics as well as different thickness or layers of the fabric.
In terms of style, we can separate tacks into 4 typical kinds:
↓ Pointed Aluminum Tack – This could be applied to single prong tack button, swivel tack buttons and rivets. Different length is available for different thickness of material.

pointed aluminum tack

↓ Lance Aluminum Tack – This is the most common one for non-swivel donut tack buttons.

lance aluminum tack

↓ Screw Aluminum Tack – This is designed for plastic inserted tack button only. The screw is perfect to work with the plastic together firmly.

screw aluminum tack

↓ Capped Aluminum Tack – This is designed for getting a customized pattern or logo. Any kinds of tacks can be capped. This could be applied to both tack buttons and rivets.

capped aluminum tack

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Plastic fasten loop pin tag fastener

The plastic loop pin (also named tag fastener) is considered one kind of seal tags that can be used for multiple purposes. It’s widely used in the world and you can see it everywhere, where there is need of tag attached such as hang tag, barcode and price tags to bags, shoes, belts, luggage, sunglasses, clothing, gifts, home accessories etc.
The plastic tag fastener is easy-to-use, convenient, efficient, economical and secure. Not only the cost is the lowest among seal tags and strings, but also for low cost on shipping because of its lightweight. With the highest quality we do, it’s very thick and the security lock plays an important role to make sure it’s permanent after locking. It’s very difficult to pull apart once they are fastened.
One of the strong reasons people use fasten loop pin often is that it doesn’t require the use of a tagging guns or any other instrument, it ends snap together easily by hand. It’s a perfect solution for general tagging of merchandise.

Fasten Loop PinLoop PinPlastic Fasten Loop Pin

|Style| HSPP1 ( Plastic Fasten Loop Pin )
|Material| Plastic
|Length Options| 3″ / 5″ / 7″ / 9″
|Available Colors:| Black / White / Semi-transparent
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Pre-cut, pre-knotted jute twine cord string

pre-tied_jute_stringJute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is one of the most versatile natural fibres that have been used very often in raw materials for packaging, textiles, non-textile, construction, and agricultural sectors.
Nowadays you can easily find jute strings everywhere. It’s become very popular using the hang tags on vintage jeans, denim wear, casual wear, fashion accessories, bags, belts, antiques, home accessories, furniture, crafting, gift wrapping, product packaging, embellishments and even more commodities. The jute twines we supply are high quality, natural, unpolished, bio-degradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. It’s such an excellent choice for hang tags in any fields.

pre-cut_jute_cord_pre-cut_jute_stringjute twine stringpre-tied_jute_twinejute cordpre-knotted_jute_string

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Sample orders for buttons, rivets, snaps and eyelets

When you purchase garment accessories in the marketplaces, it’s common that you have to purchase with MOQ. Minimum Order Quantity is required for garment accessories & trimming, usually you need to order at least 3,000-5,000 pieces or even more for each item as there’s not for retails in the marketplaces. This is not convenient for salesman sampling and it could be a problem for start-up companies. To consider providing better service to those who don’t need a large quantity for their salesman samples, we offer flexible package deals. To see is to believe, we truly understand that how important the details are on any salesman samples. It’s more convinced with real samples on hand to show to your clients. Also, it’s the best way to tell your clients how the final products look like. As a result, it avoids big problems if your clients don’t like it or want to make a change for it after the mass production is done. There are some start-up companies looking for small amount of garment accessories, our package deals are very suitable for them to reduce the cost and risk. For some boutique shops which are doing their own designs on their clothes, we also provide the universal hand press tool and flexible package deal options for them. No matter a salesman, a start-up company or a boutique shop, our sample package deals are always the best options.

jeans hardware samplesdot-gas-metal-button-sample-ordereyelet_sample_orderjeans_buttonssmall_metal_snap_buttoncopper_eyelettack_button_rivetmetal_snaps_samplesantique_black_eyeletdot-gas_sample_order

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Plastic safety pin

plastic safety pinpear-shaped plastic safety pin

When talking about safety pins, people are mostly talking two kinds of safety pins – the regular safety pin and the pear-shaped safety pin. Because these two styles are the most popular and classic style in the world and widely used. We are providing these two styles in copper and plastic. The plastic safety pins we offer are very cute and eye-catching, which is perfectly matched kids wear and baby wear. Not only for the reasons of its lightweight, but also for the stronger reasons of its lovely impression in details for kids wears. There are totally 7 well-chosen colours – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Black and White which are considered all favourite colours for kids wear. Children’s eyes can only distinct bright colours such as primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and the secondary colours such as green and pink. These colours are interesting and draw children’s attention for longer. It’s said that while it may seem apparent that children prefer bright, bold colours over more subtle hues, research indicates that children’s eyes may not be adapted to see dull, dim colours very well or even at all. High contrast is also another way to attract children. It’s a very interesting and good way to put white safety pin goes with black clothing or black goes with white. And pink is for sure the most favourite colour for little girls according to the stereotype as known.
For these toddlers’ color preferences we have them all in stock, please do not hesitate to purchase all joyful and bright colors for your kids wears collections.
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Pre-cut, pre-knotted waxed hemp cotton twine cord string


Nowadays, more and more people enjoy nature. Nature is calming. That makes you reflect on your everyday lives and lets you forget everyday lives and enjoy what really matters. It’s not a mystery why we all like nature. The reason is as simple as God said, it’s just because it is good.
Hemp cotton string is 100% from nature. Cotton and jute are respectively picked from temperate plants that grow out of cotton and pyrene hemp seed. After dried and threshed, the separating seeds and cotton fibre, through the process from the machine pressing, spinning, weaving into threads and finally become strings.
Mixing natural hemp cotton strings with hang tags are now popularly used for a variety of articles, and they really go well with different colours and materials. You can easily find many cases in different industries, such as furniture, home accessories, gifts, handicrafts and even fashion accessories. There is no doubt that it takes a role of nature to make a statement to your products.


waxed hemp cotton stringpre-cut hemp cotton string

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